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Welcome to Waka Di Ume

Waka Di Ume Your room has been created to combine traditional Balinese aesthetics with modern style and comfort. The materials are local stones, folk-weave fabrics, cane bamboo and weathered wood. The atmosphere is spacious and generous, cool and inviting, informal and relaxing. The lightweight cotton robes and comfortable sandals are for you to wear wherever and whenever you are in the resort. The canopied bed allow cool breeze to waft around you, while deterring the occasional mosquito. The bathrooms, sunken bath with hot and cold water and their views into private courtyard gardens, enhance the feeling of freedom and naturalness. Everywhere at Waka Di Ume, you surrounded by the texture and co-lour of nature, dressed slate, tiles, smooth unpainted wood, soft homespun fabrics, intricate worked copper, fragrant alang-alang grass roofing, natural bamboo, rough cut stone, flowers and foliage. Amenities - Free Breakfast.